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Why choose us?

How It Helps

Create New Project in your organization and assign a release after logging in

Get the recommendation of right load you need to run from our Usage Pattern Calculator

Configure your performance Labs in any public/private cloud provider which leads you to have more control and confidence in your tests. You can load or import your test scripts from Git into your project. LoadSwarm can be integrated with any tool like JMeter, Gatling, Grinder etc or even a custom tool

Get recommendations for your script with the calibrations that LoadSwarm does. Run various tests using test script on the configured lab

Monitor live metrics during the test run time from our clear and well designed dashboards. View results of your test in your own choice of monitoring tool as LoadSwarm can integrate with most of major monitoring platforms like NewRelic, AWS Cloud Watch, DataDog etc.

Compare results between the releases with the Release Comparison Feature and Archive the performance data that you need from the Archive Test Results Feature for identifying patterns, bottlenecks & for tuning

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Key Features

Data Modeling

With the built-in feature of load modeling LoadSwarm can take data from various sources or calculate based on user estimates

Microservices Testing

LoadSwarm can benchmark both individual API's, orchestrate and run tests for complex load models identified during data modeling. A custom load pattern can also be configured

HA Testing

LoadSwarm supports multi-region HA testing in major public & private cloud providers like AWS, Azure and generates reports per release


LoadSwarm WebHooks can easily integrate with Jenkins etc for running tests and slack, PagerDuty etc sending notifications making the performance testing fit into CI/CD process

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  • Address: 200 Friberg Pkwy, Suite 2004, Westborough, Massachusetts, United States

  • Phone: (774) 275-3780

  • Email: contact(At)qpair.io