Build & Manage AWS Infrastructure for
Life Science Companies

AWS Expertise to Accelerate your Informatics

Ways Our AWS Certified Cloud Experts can become your Trusted Extended Team

AWS Managed Service

  • 24/7 AWS Support & Monitoring
  • Build & Manage bioInformatic pipelines in AWS
  • Support for scientific research workloads in AWS
  • Infrastructure Automation
  • Automated Disaster Recovery & Backup
  • Continuous Security & Compliance (HIPAA, GxP)
  • AWS Cost Optimizations

AWS Life Sciences Startup Program

  • Bootstrap AWS Infrastructure using Biotech Blueprints
  • Enable Security & Compliance
  • Setup Monitoring & Alerts
  • Setup AWS Direct Connect/VPN
  • Automate Disaster Recovery & Backups
  • Operationalize your bioinformatic pipelines in cloud

What our clients have to say about us

  • “We have found QPAIR to provide excellent and professional service in helping to deploy and maintain our AWS infrastructure. They have been very good at maintaining close communication and collaboration with our group.”

    Mark Schreiber, Chief Data Architect

    Kaleido Biosciences
  • “QPAIR developed our MVP and hosted our solution in their cloud which helped us successfully rollout at our first client and thereon helped us achieve the constant reliability and zero downtime necessary for 17minds.”

    Julie Lockner

  • “QPAIR took the Plates idea to fruition as they developed the whole platform. I found talent, integrity and honesty in QPAIR while they had effective communication, hit every milestone and delivered product on-time. They highlighted the problem and always found the solution and fixed in a timely manner. Best thing in QPAIR is their attitude, flexibility and agility and they push really hard to deliver. They have excellent communication for deadlines and updates and I would recommend QPAIR to anyone looking to build a platform”

    Reza Mahdavi

  • “Over the past six months, QPAIR has engaged with Zipcar’s engineering and DevOps teams to build out a suite of performance testing tools enabling our business to scale and iterate quickly in our competitive market. As a result of QPAIR’s efforts, our time to market has been dramatically decreased and our up time has never been better…”

    Kit Sirota

  • “Sonos contracted QPAIR to drive scalability strategy and test execution for our next generation of cloud connected services. QPAIR provided us with a best-in-class leader who took the time to understand and solve for our unique problems. Results exceeded my expectations. I would highly recommend QPAIR to any organization looking for a thoughtful and comprehensive approach to performance engineering.”

    Matt Meyer



AWS Advanced Consulting Partner

QPAIR is a trusted partner for life sciences organizations, helping them build reliable stable and cost optimized infrastructure. We partner with your teams to empower innovation and take pride in delivering professional service to our clients.

Our founders have hands-on experience working with highly scalable applications in cloud and have been early adopters of Agile development, continuous delivery.