AWS DevOps Consulting

QPAIR guarantees to deliver the highest quality of DevOps solutions through its team of certified engineers who all have achieved DevOps Engineered Professional Certifications on AWS.  

DevOps Practice Overview

The key competitive advantage for a company is the ability to innovate faster. Our DevOps consulting allows you to optimize your deployments and delivery pipelines. 

QPAIR’s support teams help client’s engineering teams to scale their DevOps needs and also provide 24/7 on-call support to maintain the applications and infrastructure for their clients. The company’s support teams consist of DevOps engineers who are well-versed in the product development environment and can rapidly address any production incidents with the highest quality. We are enabling our clients to accelerate speed to market and scale up with the ability to code once and deploy anywhere cloud solutions.

QPAIR was established in 2013 in response to the lack of solutions for Life Sciences teams. Based out of Westborough, MA. Now, QPAIR’s clients enjoy workable solutions designed with scale from the very beginning with logical, well-targeted infrastructure and managed maintenance. We make sure our clients meet security compliance requirements (HIPAA, GxP, etc.), and are optimized in the cloud for reduced costs.

Building Data Pipelines

Data Scientists are hired based on their ability to conduct research for clinical breakthroughs. Having them build pipelines and code will prevent them from doing the job they were hired for. QPAIR gives the ability for your data scientists to focus on research to innovate faster.


AWS Well Architected

QPAIR specializes in building cloud architecture from the ground up and structured for scale. We make sure the architecture is built with security, reliability, cost optimization, and operational excellence and follows the AWS best practices.


Security And Governance

By creating a collection of compliance solutions to monitor for violations of regulations like HIPAA, GxP or PCI, companies can identify and immediately address issues across all data sources, including cloud applications and mobile devices.


AWS Offerings

  • Infrastructure Automation
  • Building and Managing Data Pipelines
  • Governance & Security
  • Disaster Recovery & Back up
  • Networking, setting up Direct Connect & VPN
  • Bootstrapping New Accounts
  • AWS Cost Saving maturity scorecards