Battling Your Data Science Infrastructure? There’s a Better Way

When you first trained to become a data scientist, what did you imagine your life would be like?  Maybe that you’d seek answers within data that provided your organization with profound insights. They’re grateful for your work, and you’re given freedom to explore and experiment with the wonders of data.

Things didn’t quite turn out the way you thought. You’re spending 80% of your time cleaning data and the remaining time gets whittled away messing around with your infrastructure. And pure data exploration? It’s the smallest part of your time.

Data is messy, and business can be too, but your dream of what life would be like as a data architect doesn’t have to die. A secure, scalable cloud solution is out there, and it could be the most reliable, clean infrastructure you can get. 

Data Management Is A Beast

During a typical day, your data management is probably a massive headache, and by headache, we mean that it’s the dragon at the top of the tower raining fire down on all who dare approach. If this isn’t your experience, you’ve already won the battle. Congratulations! Tell us how you accomplished it, ok?

Many of you haven’t slain this dragon quite yet, and there’s a good reason. It’s not that you can’t defeat this data monster, but you’ve got deadlines coming up and fighting a data dragon takes valuable time away from your real goals. It’s the reason your team can’t seem to get to anything fun.

So what is this dragon? It’s messy data plus these things:

  • • The technology associated with it – The more time you spend tackling and troubleshooting your basic infrastructure, the less time you have to do what you do best, innovate. 
  • • Managing your tech – You and your team were hired to ask the big questions and find the big answers. 
  • • All parts of tech keeping you from the treasure in the castle (your data).

The Real Problem Is Tech Infrastructure

You need better tools to slay this dragon. What you’ve got now may only stun it, leaving you to fight again and again each time you try to retrieve your treasure. Better tools give you the chance to succeed not only more quickly, but more effectively.

A public cloud provider hasn’t solved your problem because it’s merely a service. It doesn’t provide a solution. You’re still responsible for the management of your infrastructure, which leaches time away from your team’s real mission. It’s common in smaller companies for tech management to fall squarely on a tech-savvy member of the data science team, but that’s going to get old really fast.

When you make a habit of taking a member of your data science team off a project to solve issues with infrastructure, you’re introducing new risks into your process. Your data scientist can’t work through the pipeline the way other members of the team can, and you risk that scientist being out of the loop while off solving problems with infrastructure.

Your dragon is winning, and your team’s morale is low. You could lose your best people because they’ll go somewhere that isn’t plagued by constant tech issues.

Better Infrastructure, Happier Team

You don’t need a service; you need a solution. Infrastructure shouldn’t be the first thing on your mind every day. It shouldn’t derail your best and brightest from the project at hand. You shouldn’t have to catch someone up because they were locked into troubleshooting all last week. 

With a managed infrastructure, you get that solution. Tech comes off your plate, and you can get back to what you do best, data. The great thing about a managed solution is that you aren’t just hiring someone to slay the dragon for you. Instead, you get better tools with better support to slay your dragon yourself. It gives your team the glory of getting to the treasure in the castle, your data, and prevents the dragon from ever returning.

Let QPAIR Help 

QPAIR has years of experience dealing with tech operations. Our team has solved a multitude of operational challenges and can bring that expertise right to your team, so you get back to what you love to do. We provide observability and application optimization so that no matter how you decide to scale, you’re ready.

We’re experts in the cloud and offer compatible applications in AWS, Azure, and GCP. With us, you get:

  • • advice for the best cloud and service level for your unique situation.
  • • a securely built and completely managed infrastructure.
  • • automated data pipelines.
  • • optimized cloud capabilities that consider both cost and scale.

We’ll make sure your data solution is secure and follows regulations, including HIPPA, GDPR, and GxP. No more dealing with regulatory bodies. We work with all three cloud providers and can provide expert advice if you aren’t sure which one is your best choice.

We build custom solutions for your situation but monitor and manage the infrastructure, so you get the best of both worlds. It’s a custom yet managed solution.

Your Infrastructure Solution

That dragon is keeping you from fulfilling your vision of what data science could be. It’s stressing out your team and taking valuable time away from creating business solutions. If your shareholders are questioning when those models are ever coming out, it’s time to make a change.

With a managed solution, no one on your team gets stuck doing the grunt work. You all get back to what you know and love, with full access to the treasure you need, secure and compliant data with a robust infrastructure. You’re back in control, dragon slain, and ready for your next big breakthrough. 

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