QPAIR Achieves Advanced Consulting Partners Status

Life Sciences DevOps provider, QPAIR, is excited to announce that we are recognized by Amazon Web Services (AWS) as an Advanced Consulting Partner. This achievement showcases QPAIR as a leading cloud solutions provider for companies in Life Sciences as well as any research focused teams.

QPAIR guarantees to deliver the highest quality of Life Science solutions through its team of certified engineers who all have achieved Professional certifications and Healthcare and Life Sciences (HCLS) Compliance on AWS.  

The Westborough-based company works heavily in the field of Life Sciences, allowing research teams to focus on value-creating activities. QPAIR builds customized infrastructure solutions with an eye for security and efficiency. The company’s solutions handle maintenance and troubleshooting, ensuring an obstacle-free pipeline every time.

QPAIR has experience across many fields and disciplines. That experience helps it build targeted, customized solutions with a company’s unique field requirements in mind. Life Science companies receive a solution tailored for HIPAA compliance, for example, while Drug Discovery companies could be covered for GxP.

Now, as an Advanced Consulting Partner, QPAIR can continue to bring unique solutions for Cloud performance while ensuring that each solution is a top of the line model. “QPAIR has been a trusted partner of many life science organizations, helping them in building operational quality stability and cost-effectively.” 


QPAIR’s mission statement, “Operate smarter in the cloud to innovate faster,” allows companies to put research teams back on value-producing tasks. With complete managed solutions, research teams never worry about failed infrastructure.

For companies using proprietary or sensitive information, QPAIR’s solutions ensure absolute security so that teams can work in safety, spurring true innovation. QPAIR is a trusted partner for all your infrastructure needs.

Companies can work with QPAIR in two ways. First, the company offers complete CloudOps and Data Ops services with 24/7 monitoring and infrastructure automation. They also provide customized Cloud Platforms for Life Sciences, built with compliance in mind and scalability.

The company was established in 2013 in response to the lack of solutions for Life Sciences teams. Now, QPAIR’s clients enjoy workable solutions designed with scale from the very beginning with logical, well-targeted infrastructure and managed maintenance.