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Enterprise companies with the wisdom to see the true significance of DataOps and seize the initiative will be in the strongest position to capitalize on its advantages. You have your offensive data strategy locked in; QPAIR can handle the rest.

Cloud Solutions - Your Defensive Data Strategy

Over the past few years, the life sciences field has taken advantage of revolutions in machine learning, deep learning, and data science. Artificial Intelligence allows research to move faster, process data more quickly, and find solutions that generations before could only imagine.

All this advancement comes at a price. Your research team is using your data to increase revenue and profitability, build growth, and innovate, but that’s only half the picture. Who ensures compliance? Who limits data fraud and manages privacy? What’s your governance plan?

Putting your team in charge of both your offensive and defensive data strategy has limits. Researchers that ignore the defensive portion to focus on what you truly hired them to do risk penalties and sanctions when your data governance goes awry. Teams that handle the defensive back end lose focus and productivity.

What’s the solution? QPAIR can manage your technology infrastructure for you, making critical decisions about your best platforms and maintaining security, operations, and infrastructure. We specialize in Life Sciences, and you can engage with us in multiple ways. Our DevSecOps-as-a-Service builds continuous integration for ease of use and a continuous delivery pipeline for fast, frequent, and most importantly, reliable updates to your application in the cloud.

You aren’t bound to any cloud infrastructure because QPAIR is a multi-cloud expert. Instead, we help you choose what works best for your existing system, so integration is seamless. Life Science companies are our expertise and our passion, and we’ve built out many successful solutions in this space.

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  • Building your defensive data strategy
  • Providing DataOps to handle your data and security pipeline
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You are our mission

Life Sciences relies on technology but stop trying to make your team tech-experts. QPAIR’s expertise in defensive data strategy ensures your data is compliant, follows relevant privacy laws, and includes a governance strategy that insures internal consistency. QPAIR puts your team back on revenue-producing, innovation-driving tasks and removes the stress of constant tech troubleshooting. Our support and your innovation make a great team.