Background & Problem:

GDT is an electrical engineering company based out of CA, who wanted QPAIR to build their infrastructure so that they can scale along with their customer based and have a solid DevOps  CI/CD pipeline.
The Plan: 

QPAIR started by laying a solid AWS foundation for GDT, then turned their attention to creating an architecture for the back end that would allow them to scale based on demand. GDT architecture is complex and needs document management, storing a lot of Images , annotating the documents based on image recognition and then using  notifications and queues to enhance their project collaboration. This architecture gave GDT  two advantages. First, the compute resources were only provisioned when needed, which saved on costs. Secondly—and very important for a growing company—they could now get one construction company at once, and scale almost infinitely to meet demand. 

Finally, QPAIR made this whole architecture easy to deploy and manage over the long term. When an engineer commits code, AWS CodePipeline automatically deploys it into a test environment, then manages the promotion of those changes to production. This DevOps workflow represents a time-saving improvement over their previous manual deployment processes.

By following the AWS best practices and leveraging the built-in encryption capabilities of AWS services like S3, Amazon Elastic Block Store (EBS), Amazon Elastic File System (EFS), and DocumentDB, as well as implementing sound governance and auditing capabilities, GDT is in a position to scale.
Success Story:

For early startup they are a lot of unknowns and this leads to adding some features on demand which was difficult to predict at the start of the project. DevOps pipeline we have built enabled them to deploy their applications seamlessly.