InterSystems Benchmarking IRIS Platform:(TPC-H benchmarking of MPP system in AWS)

InterSystems, based out of Cambridge, MA, is a major vendor of software and technology for the Health, Business, and Government industries. Founded in 1978, they have developed industry-leading applications and platforms which have benefited many companies. Providing databases, integrations, and analytics platforms for the healthcare and finance industries, InterSystems has become the engine behind the world’s most important applications.
The Problem:
InterSystems wanted to benchmark their IRIS Platform (MPP) to evaluate the performance of its new sharing capability. The IRIS Platform had never been deployed into the cloud and they wanted to benchmark and find the optimal configuration and costs involved. InterSystems wanted to know which cloud and instances would be the optimal fit.
The Plan:
QPAIR, experts in benchmarking and optimization, quickly put a plan together to benchmark the IRIS Platform. Cluster provisioning was used to deploy the various benchmark tests and TPC-H loading was used to evaluate the scalability properties of each platform instance.
Success Story:
With QPAIR using its in-house platform, they were able to give recommendations based on the
tests they ran. The IRIS Platform was successfully deployed into the cloud. QPAIR was able to predict the optimal configuration by running a battery of tests. Additionally, QPAIR used
realistic workloads and ran TPC-H benchmarking to find the optimal workload.