AWS Life Sciences Startup Program

Your Trusted AWS Informatics Service Vendor

Biotech Blue prints to Accelerate your Informatics Deployments

Our Areas of Engagement

  • AWS Account Management & Account Design
  • Account Security & Compliance
  • Budget Planning & Management
  • Operational Reviews
  • Information Security & Change Management
  • AWS Expert Support for Scientific Research
  • Sync Data Between Labs, AWS, & your Local/Cloud Storage
  • Automate Disaster Recovery and Back ups
  • Process Restricted Data from Sources like dbGaP
  • Setup Direct Connect/Site to Site VPN

Resources & Services

  • AWS Control Tower & Organizations
  • AWS EMR, DataPipeline, Kinesis, Redshift, DynamoDB
  • AWS Sage Maker, AWS Deep Composer, Amazon Bracket
  • AWS EKS, ECR/ECS , Code Pipeline
  • AWS config, Security Hub
  • AWS Aurora, Serverless, SNS, Lamba, Cloud Watch
  • AWS Glacier, S3, AWS Backup
  • Amazon Ec2, VPC, Route53, Direct Connect, Trusted Advisor, Auto Scaling
  • AWS Service catalogs, Terraform, Ansible, AWS CFS