Cogen Success Story

Cogen Therapeutics is a Cambridge based Life Science Startup who aims to harness the precise curative power of the immune system. Like other Life Science startups, they are research intensive and rely heavily on working with large data sets in order to accomplish their core research. To manage working with these large data sets Cogen was leveraging a data scientist to manually enter the instance to run their applications.
The Problem:
Cogen ran into problems as the process that was set up was not scalable, consistent, or sustainable considering the data scientists’ time constraints. Cogen didn’t have any DataOps engineers helping them automate applications and build data pipelines. As the data scientists were not familiar with automation and building data pipelines they were unable to break this time consuming and inefficient cycle. Cogen’s ability to scale and grow was impaired as a startup company once they hit this roadblock. Their data scientists weren’t able to focus on their innovation and research and be able to run their therapeutic programs. They tried coming up with alternatives but realized looking for cloud experts would be their only option to figure out their problem.
The Plan:
QPAIR, being experts in cloud operations and DataOps, provided Cogen Therapeutics with solutions which enabled their data scientist to focus 100% on research and innovation. QPAIR provided Cogen with complete end to end data pipeline solutions, data pipeline infrastructure, and AWS Governance. QPAIR developed a completely AWS native solution using Python/Boto SDK and glued them all together using AWS services like AWS Batch, S3, RDS, Lambda, Serverless, ECR/ECS, & cloud watch. Pipeline processed for single-cell sequencing using machine learning, it includes decoding of antigen-TCR interactions in parallel with comprehensive identification of T-cells within a given pathology. This solution provided by QPAIR saved Cogen time and gave them the ability to scale their operations. 
Success Story:
Cogen is now able to scale and grow their company as their data pipelines run successfully in cloud. Life Science companies with the wisdom to see the true significance of DataOps and seize the initiative will be in the strongest position to capitalize on the advantages that they facilitate.