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Cloud Engineer

Location: Westborough - Department: Engineering

Position Duties
1) Work on research efforts for new technology and
how to effectively integrate into our existing enterprise platform;
2) Assist development teams with application and infrastructure from initial design to production deployment;
3) Create, review, modify, and update infrastructure as code for all major public clouds including AWS, GCP and Azure;
4)  Work with Development, QE, and Operations teams to streamline continuous integration and continuous deployments of all the applications deployed in our platform;
5) Implement solutions to streamline business processes to achieve company goals more effectively and efficiently;
6) Deliver solutions in an Agile methodology; and
7) Creating and delivering presentations and documentation to the Technology team.  Supervisory Duties: 
The Cloud Engineer will supervise one employee whose job title is: Junior Cloud Engineer.


  1. B.S. in Computer Science or Computer Engineering
  2. Two years of relevant experience as a Cloud Engineer, Cloud Engineering Intern, closely related. Experience must include programming in: Java, Python, and R.
  3. One or more relevant cloud certifications: AWS, Azure, or GCP.

This position qualifies under QPAIR’s Employee Referral Program


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